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Sale or Return

At SWA900 we also specialise in a Sale or Return an increasingly popular way to sell your car. It is an agreement where you commission us to sell your vehicle as your agent, in precisely the same way you commission an estate agent to sell your property.

The SWA900 experience

We value your car and believe owners like you deserve more, so we don’t just ask you to enter your make, model and registration number and then look up a price on the national industry data. We do a full appraisal and look at the unique specifications and options on the car which means we are well placed to maximise the value, earning you an average 20% more than selling privately.

The Benefits

We sell cars professionally, full time. What we do is prepare your car for sale, advertise on all key prints and online advertising platforms (Autotrader, exchange and mart, and more!), ensuring your car gets maximum exposure and we deal with potential buyers.

As a professional motor dealer we are in a position to offer potential buyers the things that you can’t, such as Warranty, Finance and Part Exchange which will insure we find a buyer quickly with you having to do a thing.

We are in the office 7 days a week and are able to answer the phone 12 hours a day which means we can offer flexibility and taking the time and expense out of your hands.

The process

1) Contact us with details of your car
2) We arrange a meeting to allow us to do an appraisal and we will conditionally accept your car for Sale or Return providing it meets the necessary standards of SWA900.
3) Our specialists will calculate the retail value of your car and confirm that with you.
4) Confirm receipt of your car and prepare it for sale, in some cases it may be possible for you to retain the vehicle for your own needs if example: your only source of transport
5) A period of 1 to 8 weeks is required to sell your car with most cars selling within 4 weeks.
6) When the car is sold, we will notify you the amount you will be receiving and authorise payment, there and then, usually by Faster Payments, which means your money is in your bank account almost instantly.

The cost

No upfront costs. £599 + Vat fixed rate commission. Payable only if we sell your car.

Please contact one of our specialist consultants on 01245 833900 or complete our valuation form below.

We will contact you as soon as possible with the best possible price for your car.
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